Switch Galaxy: Comic

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2 thoughts on “Switch Galaxy: Comic

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  1. Absolutely beautiful art, short but funny story for a funny game .
    Vince is a very enjoyable character : not a “badass who can resolve all the problems” but a simple man who lived tons of adventures (funny backstory, im very curious about his young days) Kinda like a “more loser” Indiana Jones Character.
    Amur is a beautiful and also funny character (i love the scene where theyr bouncing on each other, they are like best friends in the universe), a cool design, she’s like a sort of geminy cricket to Vince.
    The universe, even if it was depict in just 7 part of comics pages looks gorgeously big and interesting, thanks for this experience (also, the “calm” music playing when i was reading the comic on my ps4 was a big plus for the immersion, maybe a small detail for some peoples but i was realy immersing myself in this calm yet funny space adventures)

    A hidden gem, it’s a shame that i’ve discovered this late and that it’s not popular, because for me, it deserve so much more….
    Thank you for this cool story and universe ! As a student in art but also as a passionate writher r and reader of fictionnal universes , this story inspire me a lot. to create my own stories and universes.

    I Hope for the best and good continuation to you, Mr Douglas.

    (Sorry if my english is bad, im french)

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