Playworld: Superheroes

Playworld: Superheroes is a mobile creation-based adventure game developed for iOS and Android.

Below are a series of original concept images created by Darren Douglas.

For more on Playworld: Superheroes visit the official website

character version 1 finalcharacter version 1 thumbs 01character version 2 cardy finalcharacter version 2 thumbs 01character version 2 thumbs 02character version 2 thumbs 03character version 2 thumbs 04character version 2 thumbs 05character version 2 thumbs 06character version 2 thumbs 07character version 2 thumbs 08character version 2 thumbs 08Bcharacter version 2 thumbs 08Ccharacter version 2 thumbs 09character version 2 thumbs 09Bcharacter version 2 thumbs 09Ccharacter version 2 thumbs 10character version 3 hero final texturedcharacter version 3 hero posescharacter version 3 thumbs 01character version 3 thumbs 02character version 3 thumbs 03character version 3 thumbs 04character version 3 thumbs 05character version 3 thumbs 06character version 3 thumbs 07character version 3 thumbs 08character version 3 thumbs 09character version 3 thumbs 10character version 3 thumbs 11character version 3 thumbs 12character version 3 thumbs 13character version 3 thumbs 14character version 3 thumbs 15character version 3 thumbs 16character version 3 thumbs 17character version 3 thumbs 17Dcharacter version 3 thumbs 18exo 01 thumbsexo 02 thumbsexo 03 thumbsexo 04 thumbsexo 05 thumbsexo 06 thumbsexo 07 thumbsexo 08 thumbsexo 09 thumbsexo 10 thumbsexo 11 thumbsexo 12 thumbsturnaround (bright eyes) 01turnaround (bright eyes) 02c

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